To find the right market and have the right products to be delivered in the right way.

Research & Planning

With decades of experience under our belt, our team of leading experts will help you navigate the political and economical landscape of the large and ever changing real estate industry.
In this vast and open market, determining the target demographic and researching their key identities is one of the most important attributes in developing a strategy that will bring the fastest rate of market response.
Price can often be said to be the definition of the product itself. Determining the most suitable price requires a deep understanding of the underlying buyers in the market in conjunction with the value of the product to maximize ROI.
A great product must have its unique selling points to be attractive. At Amareal, we can build a case that will truly bring out the best of the property by promoting its best qualities.

Marketing & Promoting

The brand is the image of the company from the eyes of its customers and will decide the company’s overall reputation, desirability, and recognition. It is an invisible asset that will attract like minded people and will help establish a relationship that guides the company towards a more cooperative future.
While many believe that brochures are considered old fashioned in the art of selling real estate, it has still remained in use today. We at Amareal believe that producing a high quality physical pamphlet is still one of the best and most effective methods of establishing the initial publicity – by showing the clients exactly what we can offer. That is why one of our services is to design, produce, and market beautiful high quality brochures (and e-brochures!) for your company.
The website has become the quintessential front for any company in the digital age. Due to the geographical sparsity of Canada’s population, the best method of marketing a company has been moved online. Amareal offers services such as targeted websites with direct translations to help appeal to Canada’s wide and diverse population and increase the visibility of the company’s portfolio.
Amareal is fully staffed by a team of marketing experts that will conduct targeted, multi-channel, and cross functional online promotion on your behalf. From text to multimedia, our team will design an online advertisement strategy that will promote your products to the maximum. Our promotion channels include but are not limited to Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, WeChat, TikTok, Canadian local websites, etc. Through online marketing, we can break through the limitations of a traditional offline ad strategy and open the market to find more potential customers.
Different from most local marketing companies in North America, Amareal is a marketing company that integrates brand management and sales. We are result-oriented and do not believe in a so-called “hands-off” approach – which is why our team will also formulate a plan according to the needs of target customer groups. We will also plan and host online and offline events and activities based on the needs of target customer groups to attract even more potential customers.

Selling & Branding

A contract is not only legally important but is also the key basis in which both the interests of both the buyer and seller are protected under. As a company with a deep background in real estate, we have an experienced team of lawyers that will personally ensure that the details of any real estate contract and will make sure that no problems occur in the future.
As the sales team of a company, they will need to pay careful attention to methods. A progressive sales strategy that is well planned is the most fundamental method to achieving success. We believe that sales are divided into four stages: Grab the attention of the customer, let the attention develop into a desire, make the desire into necessity, and help the customer realize that necessity.
Professional knowledge, excellent service and friendly attitude are the characteristics of Amareal, and is our tried and true weapon that we use to impress our customers. Real estate brokers are the front-line staff facing customers and we have a fantastic relationship with many of the most well-known real estate brokerage companies in Metro Vancouver. We will provide them with training on your products and provide the sales plans so that they can best create a unique portfolio that will entice the customer to buy.
Oftentimes, real estates are left alone after being sold to investors. How to deal with the aftermath so that customers can have a stable return on investment is also one of Amareal’s considerations. By cooperating with many leasing companies, our service is not only limited to the day of the transaction but also on how to create a successful system that can operate independently and maintain the positive brand image so as to ensure the success lasts for many future years to come.
Compared with pre-sales service, after-sales service is the defining highlight of the Amareal overall strategy, which is also the key to us maintaining a positive customer relationship in the current world of word-of-mouth marketing. Upon the end of a non compete sale, we will still regularly send emails to potential clients to update them on the status of new real estate properties, so that customers can stay informed on the latest developments in the market and remind them that they are still in our hearts.